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This small island 20 miles to the south of Savusavu is surrounded by mile after mile of unexplored reefs. Seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals and perfect coral gardens support an abundance of marine life. This is the place to see the big fish cruising in from the depths of the Koro Sea. Barracuda, spanish mackerel, tuna, mantas and large sharks regularly patrol these reefs.

North Save-a-Track
A wide channel with bommies covered in soft corals. The dive starts on the seaward side of the channel, were a wall drops into the blue. A white-sand seafloor slopes gently down to the top of the wall at 30m. Schooling hammerheads, barracuda, jacks and tuna, huge groupers, grey reef sharks and giant rays are regularly seen. 

Jims Alley

a soft coral garden in shallow water, home to zillions of reef fish. Jim's is a prime example of the kind of soft coral diving for which Fiji is famous. Multicolored soft coral and nearly every kind of reef fish known, Jim's is a lush garden which leaves divers in awe. As an added bonus, Jim's is a regular stop for four or five mantas, who can frequently be found feeding in the adjacent channel during the waning tide. Macro photographers, too, love Jim's because of the profusion of little creatures living among the hard corals, soft corals, and fans.

Rat Passage
A narrow passage that cuts through the Motoriki barrier reef thats where all the action is. This passage is patrolled by big grey reef sharks and their schooling babies. Thats the only place we have seen after more than 10 years of Diving in Fiji were you can see
schooling babies. Most of the time strong current along with schools of jacks and barracuda.

Great White Wall Rainbow Reef
A coral incrusted swim through which has two exits, the first exit at 10 m/30 ft, the second one at 27 m/88 ft. It leads you alongside the wall where the soft corals are found in dense concentration.
The soft corals are lavender in color, but due to the depth we have a result of a pale white glow, giving itself the name "The Great White Wall". Currents are moderate to strong and surface conditions can get rough.

E6 Vatu-i-ra Channel
This seamount rises from 1,000m to the surface. This site is large enough to be spread out over several dives. Currents tend to be mild. "The Cathedral" with numerous overhangs and canyons lined up in stunning gorgonian fans and soft corals. Around noon the sun streams through the cracks in the ceiling and lights up the colorful garden.

Nigali Passage, Gau